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As we go through life, we go through many changes and transitions. Especially when it involves substantial changes to your living arrangements…

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Welcome to Rockwell Transitions. If you are moving, downsizing or need some help organizing your home, we can assist you…

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Most companies focus on only one aspect of the moving or transition process, forcing customers to deal separately with movers…

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Senior Moving Services Minneapolis, MN

Moving is a time-consuming process. It can be one of the most stressful thing we do. If you or your loved one is considering moving into a senior living community in Minneapolis, but dreading the hassles of moving, an easy and affordable solution is available.

There are a number of senior moving managers working for Rockwell Transitions in Minneapolis, Minnesota area that can make moving in a Minneapolis assisted living facility easier. Instead of you having to worry about packing, moving boxes and furniture, and de-cluttering on on your own, you can put it into the reliable hands of one these trusted moving managers from Rockwell Transitions serving older adults in the areas of Minneapolis, St, Paul and the surrounding Twin Cities.

Our Clients Say it Best
  • Jeff’s family had contacted Rockwell Transitions to do an assessment of the home and come up with plans to modify the house to Jeff’s changed needs. Our team of contractors and interior design specialists gave the home a complete make-over and were able to transform the home into a wheelchair-accessible space. Not only did we have to gut one side of his house to repurpose space on both the top and the bottom level of his house and install a lift, our electricians also rewired the house and changed the lighting. We also reconstructed his bathroom to make it easier for Jeff to navigate and converted the cement steps outside his front door into a slabbed ramp.–John, 27, Combat-Wounded Veteran

  • When Sam was born, eleven weeks premature, Henry and Anita immediately knew something was not quite right with him. Within minutes after birth, doctors whisked him away to another room in the hospital and hooked him up to all sorts of machines. He’s made major progress over the past nine years, growing up mostly like all other boys his age. But his lungs will always be sensitive and John and Anita do need to keep some equipment around in case of emergencies. At night, Sam needs to be monitored by a C-PAP machine. Rockwell Transitions was there to do the evaluation, redesign and custom build to fit Sam's special needs–John and Anita, Parents of a Medical-Needs Child

  • Their youngest moved out several years ago and the house simply started feeling so empty and large. With all the kids living within forty miles, there just didn’t seem to be a need to maintain all four extra bedrooms as guest quarters. Both Harold and Bev still had at least seven years ahead of them in their careers. Downsizing at this point made a lot of sense, both practically and financially. They contacted the realty professionals at Rockwell Transitions and set about planning their move. Our real estate agents helped them look for a new home in the area and negotiated a good deal. The moving division took charge of the physical packing up and moving in. We also managed to get a good price on their old home.–Harold and Bev, Empty-Nesters